The media and your story, Part I

At Clarity Communications Inc., we specialize in helping you to get publicity and to deal comfortably and professionally with the media.

On this website, we offer some basic (and free) tips on how the media work. We also have more on how to approach the media. And we have tips on how to be comfortable when being interviewed by a reporter.

To begin: So how does your story get into a newspaper, or onto TV and radio, or into a news media website or someone's blog? First, the media person or blogger decides that there is, or may be, a story about you.

The first thing to recognize, then, is that they apply their judgment as to what is newsworthy. Your story will go through a complex process of judgment, filtering and tune-up before it hits the public. The only way you can hope that your story turns out your way is to tell it the first time, to the reporter, in a good, clear, concise and interesting way.


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